Enterprise stablecoins.

Open network stablecoins,
instantly redeemable for fiat.

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Built for the Future of Digital Asset Businesses

Jewel is the sole agent for issuance, redemption and custody - a significant structural advantage over other multi-party stablecoins.


Institutional stability for the digital asset space.

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Our financial infrastructure meets the core needs of innovative digital asset businesses. Through our API, we provide a seamless bridge between digital assets and traditional institutional finance.

Our solutions are built for the next generation of payments. Accept and settle in real-time, multi-currency, anywhere in the world. Cross-border payments can simultaneously convert and settle between stablecoin types.

We bring a deep set of experience in regulated financial businesses, having provided leadership and guidance on new banking and finance policy in the US and emerging markets, with a track record of delivering innovative and compliant solutions for financial markets.

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